Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Love-letter to October Wind

Why do you have to be so beautiful?
You brood outside my door with begging eyes
And dash across a world where summer lies
In disheveled abandon, husk and hull

Why do you have to be so debonair?
You sweep me off my feet with coy embrace
You toy with clouds than dip to kiss the face
Of she who dares to dance with naught but air

Why do you have to be so wild and blue?
The color of your eyes fills poet’s veins
To spill at will in spite of common chains
And laws that cannot bind the likes of you

Why do you have to be so beautiful?
You know my best weakness; October eyes
I cannot see you, yet I recognize
The timbre of raw hunger in your pull

© Janet Martin

It was going to be a perfect day to get a lot done, then the wind had to go and put on the perfect shade of ink!

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