Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leaves Fall...A Triple-tribute to Fall (and Falling Leaves)

Soon, soon the naked branch will be the only proof of you
Moments, they never idle; thinning gold on azure blue
In leaves that fall; the muted madrigal of midnight’s choir
Will slumber soon beneath the tune of wind through stricken spire

Leaves fall; a quiet winnowing of lazy summer days
And hours filled with wondering before we parted ways
No sound at all and yet the lea of grassy-meadow green
Is tucked beneath an unstitched quilt of tattered gabardine

And do you have a mother’s heart, oh, leafless, longing tree?
…and do you feel a tugging smart as each leaf is set free?
And are those really leaves that fall or here and there a tear
As you, like mothers do, recall days now far-gone yet near

Leaves fall; and who can thwart the call of Majesty and hours
No one usurps the Hand that holds the heart and soul of flow’rs
Leaves fall like golden snowflakes; prelude to what is to come
Leaves fall; we shuffle through Time’s golden halls to home, sweet Home

© Janet Martin

“You should write a poem about leaves falling” hubby remarked casually yesterday when the air was all a-flutter with leaf butterflies.

So, here’s to hubby’s request!

The Fall of Fall

The fall of fall is quite the thing of beauty to behold
And not at all like the First Fall in ancient days of old
The fall of fall begins with strings of russet tinted nod
Before the outpouring of scarlet fills the hills with…God

The fall of fall evokes within us all a sense of loss
While drawing admiration from the worldly crowd of us
Earth’s brawn and beauty battles on a salient of sod
While we with gaping mouths witness a wonder-glimpse of…God

The fall of a fall is nature’s madrigal; her poetry
A froth of pungent whispers on a lonesome, leaf-tossed sea
Where we set sail upon a frigate laden with the laud
Of living proof that there is no one who can outdo…God

The fall of fall is like a shawl thrown on earth’s shoulders stooped
Beneath the care that it must bear of faith, folly and fruit
Then, soon the fall of fall will still; its barren woodwork shod
With petals filled with promise and the handiwork of… God

© Janet Martin

Leaves Fall But… that’s not All

Leaves fall but that’s not all
The bark that birthed the bloom
That bore the yield of limb and field
Is Mother Nature’s womb

Each leaf is like a note
Of proof that God exists
Beneath the bark beginnings spark
While winter writhes and twists

The eulogy of June
Caught in a tomb of Past
Is nothing more than the Before
Where summer fades too fast

Oh, do not weep, the leaves
Though now they stilly fall
Is but the Must of dust to dust
And Autumn’s curtain call

Leaves fall but that’s not all
Soon barren boughs will bend
With calliope of bloom and hope
When springtime comes again

© Janet Martin

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