Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Intangible Winnowing...

Sometimes I feel its blue pour through
The cracks that let the sunlight in
And all along the corridor of middle day
The rain drops grin

Sometimes the mosaic of moments
Bleeds and blurs; fall, winter, spring
And summer like a kaleidoscope of color, swirls
And twirls and spins

Sometimes the emptiness of want
Is filled with the intangible
Awareness that nothing stays long, save
Consequence infallible

Sometimes, it is enough to reel
Beneath the surreal winnowing
Of sand within the hour-glass; we pass but once
This way of things

© Janet Martin


  1. Such a beautiful message and phrasing...and a wonderful visual of a kaleidoscope of color...
    Thanks so much for stopping by, Janet!


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