Saturday, October 18, 2014

In This Matter of Air...

The sky wept all night and scattered its tears
Over a landscape of spent summer-years

Bronze overtures sweep green gardens from trees
Faltering tempo of leaf-studded breeze

Time adapts easily; nothing seems strange
Would that I too could be eager to change

Thought stretches over what eye cannot see
For each tomorrow is a mystery

Wish wanders backwards; but past has no door
All it can muster is echoes of yore

Moments bleed forward and we are held twixt
Juxtaposed oceans of future-past ticks

Merry, the merchant at time’s spinning wheel
Weaving an ilk none can borrow nor steal

All we can do in this matter of air
Is touch, taste and treasure breath-measured fare

For surely the One who measures moment-mien
Does not unravel without hope, time’s skein

The sky wept all night, merged laughter and grief
Scattered its tears in the shape of a leaf

© Janet Martin

Rain paused, then returned full-fury. 

Temperamental fellow
laughs and weeps 
in blue-gray and yellow
We watch him struggle
and sympathize
There's something in his mettle
we recognize...

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