Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Memory of Nathan Cirillo and all who pay the ultimate price for our freedom

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Free to lie beneath the tree
and dream our dreams, in spite of tears
we walk the streets and splash through parks
where autumn gleams then disappears

Free to laugh the laughter of
the unafraid, while others die
to protect the country they love,
and thus protect both you and I

God, forgive when we forget
Freedom comes at such a price
Comfort us in this, our grief
of love's ultimate sacrifice



  1. A beautiful tribute, Janet.
    This is such a sad story. I cannot imagine what his little son is going through. This boy needs a lot of strength to grow up happy.

  2. Thank-you Sasha. It is so sad and yes, this little guy will need a lot of strength and good counsel. I pray he gets both and oh, that he can be happy again.


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