Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Stopped by the Garden Today

I stopped by the garden today
Her summer-chatter spent
Save for a tattered, scattered fray
To prove she came and went

I stopped by the walnut tree
Her lacy crooning swoon
Weeps in bronze leaf-note rhapsody
Beneath October’s noon

In spite of greedy clocks, I stopped
To sail the leaf-lorn sea
Before another season locks
Its vault and keeps the key

I stopped where the flowers fell
I stopped where hours flew
I stopped beside the blue bloom-bell
To hear its knell, adieu 

Yes, I stopped by the garden today
There wasn’t much to do
But wonder at Time’s tender way
And plant a tear or two

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank-you Jen. I just finished pulling out those corn-stalks and i feel a little like a wilted stalk. My 'helper' got a text from a buddy soon after we started, asking if he could please go golfing with him. They've been talking about it all summer and i didn't have the heart to say 'no'. Well. it's done now except for loading up the piles and hauling them away so there's still ample opportunity to help:)

  2. Lovely. I wish I had some corn stalks to decorate with.

  3. oh, i would love to share;)

    I put a huge pile out to the end of the driveway last week with a FREE sign, but the traffic goes by here so fast. No one stopped or perhaps even noticed.


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