Friday, October 10, 2014

Here Comes the Morning...

Now, splayed upon the thinning deep
Of midnight-blue and moon-kissed sleep
The morning comes; a Father’s grace
Bends low to kiss Time’s up-turned face

For what we held of yesterday
Is over now and gone away
We turn where mercy-doors swing wide
As morning comes; a beaming bride

…and we, Time’s honored guests embrace
This invitation to God’s grace
The banquet hall of living waits
Where morning comes, ushered through gates here and there a petal falls
To decorate Time's hallowed halls
Where nothing ever really stays
The morning comes; the minstrel plays...'s ‘have and hold, from this day forth’
A holy reverence fills the earth
The heavens part, the Master cries
“The morning comes, my friends, all rise”

© Janet Martin

My thoughts have a wedding flavor these days...reminiscing:)

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