Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Half-way to Half-the-Way

His smooth voice sails over the stale, crackled wisdom of age
He is too full of dreams to be hampered by yellowed sage
His belly is hungry for anything he has not tried
Life is a lion on the hunt; his strength, a sense of pride

Inexperience is his greatest asset; fear, he scoffs
Thirst pulses wildly where the reins of caution cannot quaff
His need to learn in his own time in his own way the truth
His voice is oil; it spars with wine of antiquated youth

His highway has no potholes and ‘that road less traveled’ waits
His army of ideals is ready to plunder Time’s gates
He is half-way to half-the-way, nothing can keep him down
On life’s pathway to learning, earning wisdom’s silver crown

© Janet Martin

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