Monday, October 20, 2014


He is old-fashioned;
Crème Brulee charmer
Seducing hearts
While he robs us of summer
Dipping each spire
In fire and bronze
While we romanticize
He covers lawns
With swindled whispers
And dwindling of dreams
We collect pictures
Of leaf-laden streams
Tasting all things apple
And pumpkin and spice
… he steals away summer
While we murmur 'nice'
Intoxicated by
Wood-smoke on dusk-dark
Or pungent, pressed leaves
As we walk through the park
Trying to ignore
That inner tugging roar
Where summer-sighs barter
And autumn-bards war
And nature turns drowsy
As Apollo broods
An old-fashioned charmer
Dismantling the woods
Etching gaunt outlines
Against haunting knell
As we wade full-smitten
Through a sea of farewell

© Janet Martin

That's how it felt yesterday while I was out walking...fully, so fully in love with a charming, old-fashioned swindler drowning daylight in dusk, sauntering away with another 'gone forever' tucked neatly in his pocket.

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