Saturday, October 11, 2014

By The Persuasion of Moonlight

By the persuasion of moonlight dead lilies are reborn
Etched raven-black on canvas that is blue and gold at morn
And by a faint falsetto of an almost setting breeze
The heart and mind by day confined sets sail on phantom seas

The hour that flung wide the skies like freeways beckoning
Succumbs to the insistent rise and falling way of things
Time’s ball-room floor is littered with the aftermath of day
Where guests save for a few forlorn, have gone their merry way

By the persuasion of moonlight romantic stragglers brave
This other world of black and white and echo-wielding wave
Those fingers that ran lightly over summer-golden grain
Close now and hold more tightly to thought’s intimate refrain

The texture of a night wrapped in the silk of opaque mist
Slides soft across longing and loss to love and life half-kissed
By the persuasion of moonlight and what has come to pass
Of have-and-holds; moonlight unfolds a polished looking glass

© Janet Martin

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