Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When a Child Leaves Home...

Sometimes I think the house will be too empty when you leave
And the rooms too bare
And I’ll miss the way you leave your things
Lying everywhere
And sometimes I think your house will feel unfinished
Without us
And maybe you’ll miss the way I used to scold
And tidy and fuss
I’ll miss that fourth I love you, and that fourth
And I know, even in the excitement you know
You’ll miss it too
But then I remember how new love fills up
Those old and bygone spaces
And how the new in time becomes the dear and
Old familiar places
And I would never withhold from you
The joy of this new life breaking
And I thank God and pray His blessing on
New memories in the making…

Love, Mom~
© Janet Martin


  1. You capture it so well Janet. I hope I'll have some of your wisdom and courage when my daughter leaves home for her true love.

  2. Thank-you. You will:) Seeing her so excited and happy reminds me of how it felt way back when. Yes, arms and hearts ache but I can't complain. Her house is only 7 min. from ours at this steps away; (for her too;) I truly am excited and happy for them too!

  3. This is my dream, that my kids will live nearby. In the same state, at least.. But of course you can never predict these can only hope and dream :-) Happy for you.

  4. I try to remind myself to not try to see the future. Her fiancee is from Nova Scotia (approx. two-thousand miles from our house) and there's a saying 'once an easterner, always an easterner' which keeps nagging at me. They like teasing me and saying they will live here...pause...for now. So, I promise to be happy, for now. Because there is another mother in Nova Scotia with a son far away and I can't help but pray for her because I know she misses him.

    Your previous comment got me to thinking...(another poem;)Thank-you for your words, always so encouraging and understanding. Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments!

  5. another mother - far away in Nova Scotia. (great comment)

    ... and beautiful poem - my heartstrings were tugged.

  6. From one mom to another...

    Just lovely.



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