Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Then It's September

When shadows climb hills at seven o’clock
And the air dons a chill as the daylight grows dim
Where leaves in precision are etched on the blue
Before darkness slips over each out-stretched limb
When green fields turn gold and the gold field turns brown
And all are the stage to cricket-canticle
Then it’s September; summer’s fading gown
Before nature’s ravishing fall-madrigal

When we are torn between laughter and tears
Kissing our babies and letting them go
As school bells ring; and summer disappears
Into the heart’s tender-sweet afterglow
Echo of sea-song and silver tide sweeps
Over the hours of what once had been
Then it’s September; the walnut tree weeps
Gold-bronze medallions on yesterday’s green

When we glean fruit from spring’s labor of faith
Marveling at earth’s bounteous yield
When we bow before the ruler of earth
Thanking the One who fills garden and field
When we smile back as the sun-flowers grin
From kitchen window-sills, tables and such
Then it’s September; humbly we begin
To bear the sweet sorrow of summer’s cooling touch

© Janet Martin

 I picked these yesterday, put them on my kitchen window-sills. Finally tonight at supper I asked, Well, isn't anyone going to say something?' 
They all stared blankly so I pointed at the flowers; 'you know, something like, nice flowers, or, 'that's a lot of flowers, mom' 
   Matthew looked at them and back at me, "wow, I didn't even notice them until now!"

Happy September, everyone!

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