Monday, September 2, 2013

September, Just Before the Rain

The mist pools purple in the dell
Above the hills the ether realm
Of dark recedes; as mercy pleads
And keeps its Hand upon Time’s helm

The sky lowers before the rain
Its air, heavy with nature’s sighs
Of unshed tears unleashing years
In pantomime before closed eyes

Sedum dons sheen of autumn blush
The bushes decked in silk and dew
Beguile the heart with winsome art
As we bid sweet summer adieu

The madrigal of cricket-lay
Corn-fields like chartreuse infantry
Bear testament to Time’s intent
Folding summer to history

This path of brief mortality
Leads through each sundry season-hall
God’s kindly grace to human race
Extends, expands beneath it all

© Janet Martin

I like being outside just before the rain. 

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