Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Foot in Heaven


One Foot in Heaven will forever be an all-time favorite movie of mine.

You paint, for our wonderment, Your glory on the air
Yet, as we drop our gaze we see earth's garden's blooming there
You love us; and through Mercy's sacrifice we are forgiven
Ah, surely God, we walk life's highway with one foot in Heaven

Through every season of earth's sod, Your power You imbue
Yet, fools deny you still oh God, in spite of all You do
But all who come to You and ask are full-freely forgiven
Methinks because of this we labor with one foot in Heaven

You fill our lives with purpose and You gift us to employ
Our talents and abilities to honor You with joy
You do not hold against us our shame; we are forgiven
And By Your grace, oh God we journey with one foot in Heaven.


The other evening I turned slowly and saw His wonderment everywhere!
and I recalled how someone commented as they stood on a mountain that at least these 'poor people' they were visiting on a missions trip lived in awesome beauty every day and their leader reminded them, 'it is hard to see beauty when you are starving. It is a gift to be able to enjoy nature's beauty'.

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