Saturday, September 21, 2013

Of Things I'd Like to Keep...

Love, I should never want to lose
The strength to hold, but then let go
Or never feel the breathless rush
Of awe for One who loves me so

And I would hate to realize
There is no pleasure ‘neath your touch
Or laughter in a paradise
Of home, where once we laughed so much

Oh darling, may I never lose
The wonder in a bud uncurled
Or plunder without second thought
The shadow-Edens of this world

I want to keep the war-like hurt
Of anguish as I see a child
Hungry, unloved and clothed in dirt
While others drool with wealth and pride

Love, may I never lose the sense
Of things eternal as years pass
And may I never lose the awe
Of moments trickling through Time’s glass

© Janet Martin


  1. Life is soooo precious. Thanks for words that remind me not to overlook the everyday, other's needs, and the love we are lucky enough to experience.

  2. Yes, life is so precious, I'm cherishing 3 precious weeks before Emily moves out forever...


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