Monday, September 23, 2013

Of Midnight Tiptoes...

It struck me as I heard Emily tiptoe in last night, that in three weeks I will never hear that sound again...those sounds I have never given a second thought; 
and her belongings won't be draped on railings etc... ;)

Sometimes you come to me
Soft like a whisper
Hovering between hello and good-bye
Sometimes you clench the air
Raw and rebellious
Shaping the anguish that nurtures a sigh

Sometimes you comfort,
My thought like a pillow
Easing the void twixt what is and has been
But sometimes you torment
In debut renditions
The bittersweet sorrows of ‘never again’

Sometimes a tear holds
An ocean of longing
Though love has poured out its fathoms ten-fold
Darling, perhaps
This is simply life’s fortune
Of having and holding and growing old…

© Janet Martin

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  1. Yes, indeed. It's all good the way it should be..
    also the "hometalk" site piques my interest when I have some time...L~


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