Friday, September 13, 2013

Live in the Moment

Live in the moment, says the motto my sister just gave to me as a reminder in this crazy time!

Live in the moment
Inhale, exhale
Spring, summer, autumn
To winter’s regale

Live in each moment
Its muddle and mess
For soon they slip softly
To past’s quietness

Live in the moment
And oh, do not pine
For fruit that has fallen
From yesterday’s vine

Live in the moment
Do not try to borrow
Strength for the measure
That waits in tomorrow

But, live in each moment
Both blue sky and gray
Are transient flickers
Fading away

© Janet Martin 

A month from yesterday is the wedding! Four weeks from tomorrow! and we are trying to finalize all the 'maybe we could do this' details...and still regular life happens beneath the big sky, so by the dear moment-measure of God's grace go I/we. Hope your moments are good today.


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  1. Important and wise motto. You poem does it justice.


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