Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Awesome In Between

In between what is to come
And what has passed away
There is a little interlude
We simply call today
And in its brief parenthesis
Of sun and shadow hours
We plant the seed of tare and weed
Or wisdom’s fruit and flowers

In between the mystery
Of morrow’s ether dreams
And yester’s rooted history
A grand allotment gleams
And in love’s gracious rationing
Of have and hold and wants
We cannot choose its circumstance
But simply our response

We do not live in what has passed
Or what is yet to be
For yesterday is ever-cast
The future, fantasy
But here, between known and unknown
We live, laugh, love and weep
Today; its gift slips through our hands
Back to the Giver’s keep

© Janet Martin

Our 'today' is rainy. Victoria loves a rainy day and she curled up beside me this morning and grinned.

Yesterday a neighboring farmer lost a combine...tomorrow? nobody knows.


  1. The rain along with this poem is melody to my ears. The thought of living one day at a time is exactly what I've been pondering these past few weeks. It's working so far.

  2. Loved the sound of the rain. Loved the words of your poem more. You are a blessing.

  3. Ellie and Sue, thank-you for your kind words. I wish you a blessed day.

  4. The words simply flow in this poem, the thoughts amazing and the words so true. You've written so many that I can't possibly read them all, but this one is right up there with "Oh Hand Of Time". God has truly blessed you. Keep writing and may the world see God through your poetry.


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