Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guilt-free Indulgence

It is not wrong to pause a-while
And leave undone the menial task
To drink gold sun from blue-sky flask
And bask in summer’s waning smile

It is not vain to snub the clock
To lie beneath the sprawling tree
And study its anatomy
Of green to gold to scarlet frock

…and it is not slothful or sin
To indulge in a mid-day stroll
To touch the skin of nature’s soul
And feel the hand of God therein

© Janet Martin

Our brief and sudden power-outage was a blessing in disguise... I was in the middle of canning tomatoes among a few other 'electricity chores', so I stopped everything and headed outdoors. It is a perfect day and my to-do list is endless right now:)...I'll work double-quick now to make up for 'found time':)

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