Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gone, Gone...

Gone, gone; the gold of summer’s morn
The green in half-grown fields of corn
Summer bows to Time’s common cost
Like brittle corn-stalk kissed by frost

Gone, gone; the hazy, lazy noon
Of cricket-song and locust croon
Ah, none can hide from the discourse
Of smooth and subtle moment-force

Gone, gone; the longer light of day
Before the dark tucks it away
The autumn wick gleams, short and sweet
In scattered sheaves beneath our feet

Gone, gone; sanguine sea-melodies
Where children weave dear memories
And mothers linger at the door
To hear it echoing once more

Gone, gone; the warm and winsome hour
No one usurps mute moment-pow’r
Soundless, autumn leaf-song is spilt
Where summer folds its floral quilt

© Janet Martin

Heavy frost this morning!

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