Monday, September 2, 2013

To Fathers of the Bride

Dear Daddy, once her hero and the apple of her eye
Your best version of laughter and the reason you would cry
Your second miles and daddy-smiles, glad victim of her charms
Your ultimate contentment as you held her in your arms

Dear daddy, once her favorite guy and no one else came near
Or rivaled for the sweet affection of your daughter dear
And love would drive you from your rest to earn her bread and keep
But still you tip-toed in to kiss her or to watch her sleep

Dear daddy, she has found her love and it lies in another
Though it seems like just yesterday, once too you stole her mother
And surely once her daddy felt the way you feel today
As he replied ‘I do’ when they asked ‘who gives her away’

Dear daddy, hold your chin up, let her take your arm and smile
Thank God you lived to be the one to walk her down the aisle
And though today you give her to belong now to another
You'll always be her daddy; she will ever be your daughter

© Janet Martin


  1. This just tugs at my heart strings as I miss my father a bit!

  2. Thank-you Lucy. I suggest you guys start watching that movie now;)

    Audrey, thank-you. Yes, daddies are our daddies forever and ever, aren't they?

  3. awww...*sniff* pass the tissue! Oh you made me cry with this!

  4. Dear Jen, there were many sniffs as I wrote this! Maybe if I get a few of them out of my system early then smiles will be stronger than tears on the big day!


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