Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beautiful Bride-to-be

Today I’m a bit of a wreck (an excited wreck but a wreck none-the-less;) Emily and I spent the morning fine-tuning/‘walking’ over every detail of the wedding day to get a feel for what still needs to be done. She chuckled when I stopped suddenly in the middle of a sentence to clear my throat and steady my voice as she talked about where I would be while she waits with dad to walk down the aisle. I’m gonna miss her!

Beautiful Bride-to-be

Her skin and the hours imprison her dreams
Restless, the sparkle of youth in its prime
Dances on syllables imbibed, it seems
With nothing but carefree impatience of time
As she counts the hours until the Big Day
Wishing these moments would hurry away

Mother smiles softly; how, how can it be?
The baby that stunned her with innocent charms…
…the cheek she kissed fondly and so tenderly
As brand-new-from-heaven-child trusted her arms
How can it be that this thing they call ‘years’
Feels more like a flicker of laughter and tears?

Beautiful bride-to-be, woman-child-girl
You are a bud just beginning to bloom
Try on your wedding gown dear, twirl and swirl
Let your excitement fill every room
Soon, you’ll be a wife, but forever you’ll be
My daughter; and no one can take that from me

Never will your dreams be sweeter, my dear
Never will you feel quite like this again
Beautiful bride-to-be; I’ll shed my tear
For joy can be such a sweet-tormenting pain
And I pray that you will be a happy wife
Here on the threshold of ‘the rest your life’

© Love, mom aka, Janet

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