Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Mother's Smile

A mother’s smile, I’ve come to realize
Is much more than that carefree grin of youth
Before the bearing of love’s tempered truth
Learned in life’s constant hellos and good-byes

A mother’s smile is like her moment-prayer
Of gratefulness to God that he saw fit
To bless her arms with babies for a bit
And touch the home with innocence so fair

A mother’s smile is a fine mingling heart-strife
Of faith and fear, of both sorrow and joy
For none are quite as dear as girl or boy
To which she gives the best years of her life

A mother’s smile is more than lips and face
This beacon of encouragement and cheer
Stills fearful hearts and fills her tender tear
With brave surrender and love’s humble grace

© Janet Martin

In Canada it is a morning of heart-tugs as mothers everywhere put on their bravest smiles…and another school-year begins.


  1. Love the "brave surrender." This is an especially tough year for you, with your firstborn getting married, the new school year probably has even deeper significance..and you can see a young beautiful woman in your youngest, too, it really does happen so fast.

  2. It does happen so fast! Across the road I see a mother waiting with her younger two kids and then I remembered her oldest daughter starts high-school today and is on a different bus! She(mom) is entering a new phase of heart-tugs.

    Sasha, thank-you for your words of understanding and compassion.I'm in the kitchen alone so I can sniffle all I like this morning. It's a beautiful blur, this motherhood thing and it reminds me that I need to go and visit my own mother more often!

  3. p.s. Yes, Victoria has grown up so much this summer! She stunned me when she tried on her junior-bridesmaid dress last week! This is 'my baby';)all grown up!


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