Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Call to Prayer

I just received this in my in-box and am sharing it here.

SIM Country Directors,

Please join me in participating in and calling for a day of prayer for Syria and the Middle East. Let us lay aside the day of Sunday, Sept 15th, and lay hold of God for these lands.  If you feel free to fast and pray -- please do so for that is a very Biblical thing to do. Who knows but that God could act in what seems to us an insoluble problem.  

We, the Evangelical Christian community need to take this as a wake-up call to our duty of prayer. After all, our own Christian brothers and sisters are among those in the cross-fire. The thousands of lives that are being lost and many more that are wounded, Christians or Muslims, are all people for whom Christ died and people for whom He cares. The least we can do is to pray and it is not only worthwhile but necessary to call as many as we can to prayer.

Please forward to all of the church leaders in your area as well. Every one of us has a circle of influence.  Think of the connections that you already have.  If each of us would call our colleagues, our churches, our mission leaders, the international Christian community to prayer we could have millions of Christians praying together.

Already others in the world are taking up the idea:

Dr. Stanley Ling of Singapore writes: "We in the East Asia office will support the day of prayer & fasting on Sept 15.  I'll pass the message and encourage all to participate."    

Dr. Bill Taylor of the World Evangelical Missions Commission writes: 
Have sent your letter with my own thoughts to my church leadership.

Eldon Porter working with COMIBAM in Latin America writes:
I do appreciate hearing from you so please do keep me on your mailing list.  I will call the brothers here to prayer as well.  

Please feel free to pass on this information to your colleagues and by faith let us watch the hand of God move in this situation.
Dr. Howard Brant, Serving with SIM in Ethiopia.

In Christ,


  1. Good idea. I think all of our prayers are needed about now.


  2. Yes! May we pray anytime, anywhere with hearts, 'not of unbelief'.


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