Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Beautiful Thing...50th Wedding Anniversary Poem

Somewhere between morning and night
And toil and sleep, shadow and sun
Between the give and take of life
A thing of beauty is begun

Love’s vows, pledged in the green of life
Are spoken on a dreamer’s strength
Til death do us part; husband and wife
Only God knows its breadth or length

Somewhere between laughter and song
The trial and tear, the calm, the storm
Somewhere, as year folds over year
A thing of beauty starts to form

Between midnight, breakfast toast crumbs
And suppertime and evening prayers
Love’s vows spoken, untried and young
Are being tempered by life’s cares

As bud slowly exposes bloom
A miracle above man’s power
Ah, so is love; the bride and groom
Must wait to see its fullest flower

But oh, as green gives way to gold
And gold to silver-haloed truth
As vows are more than words extolled
In fanciful day-dreams of youth…

…then we begin to see first-hand
This thing that faithfulness imparts
Of beauty unsurpassed, rare, grand
Not of the flesh, but of the heart

Somewhere within life’s highs and lows
Where two are one in God above
Youth’s bud reveals a perfect rose
The proven beauty of true love

© Janet Martin

Tomorrow my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage. Thank-you Mom and Dad and may God bless you with many more wonderful years!

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