Friday, October 5, 2012

When all the World is Red and Gold

When all the world is red and gold
Against a gray-blue slate
When bounty gleams where buds unfold
To fill earth’s burnished plate
When lilting zephyrs start to moan
Adrift on autumn’s sway
We sense the solemn undertone
Of Time slipping away

The aster sheds its purple tear
The milkweed spills its pod
As remnants of another year
Adorns the umber sod
And from the tumbled garden; wild
With summer’s aftermath
We hear the echo of a child
Upon its trampled path

The harbinger of winter’s cold
Is such a dashing fellow
When all the world is red and gold
With scarves of orange and yellow
But as the woodland sheds its tear
In each little leaf-flower
We sense the closing of a year
Beyond this gilded hour

The daylight wanes; the eager dusk
Consumes its moody fringes
In bitter-sweetness; soft then brusque
A gate on soundless hinges
Closes; the darkness has no sound
Save for the vesper crying
In leaf-notes as they deck the ground
…another year is dying

© Janet Martin

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