Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Pass This Way but Once

 ( I do not know the author of the above quote, but I like it)

Poetic Bloomings indulges The Sonnet today.

We pass this way but once, no trial run
Time is a live-and-learning entity
It doles in moments its shadow and sun
While we accept that what must be will be

Do moments spiral; do they drip or glide?
Where is the fount of Time’s ceaseless discourse?
Without consent we join its forward-slide
Age keens the senses to its soundless force

Intangible, its urgent undertow
Stirs apathy to sudden consciousness
Of moment-dispensation’s virgin flow
Into the grasp of human wantonness

We pass this way but once and we must choose
The handling of pure moments; use, abuse

© Janet Martin

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