Friday, October 26, 2012

Time's Ever-hastening Season

With hope’s fresh hint in coral tint
Night’s deep begins to soften
On earth’s dark palm where all is calm
We sense the urge of morning
The raven tree etched flawlessly
On canvasses of heaven
Has laid its crown of glory on
Time’s ever-hastening season

Into the clutch of mortal touch
Unsullied moments murmur
From God to man, from heart to hand
Fall, winter, spring and summer
Then, as they slip from fingertip
To scripts of unknown reason
We recognize ‘neath life’s disguise
Time’s ever-hastening season

Upon the slope of virgin hope
A new day stirs our slumber
From heaven’s keep the moments weep
Like fall leaves without number
As we embrace the Hand of Grace
Imbued with Divine Reason
His love imparts from heav’n-ramparts
Time’s ever-hastening season

This tent of woe; it must forego
The mansions up in glory
From birth to death, each gifted breath
Is writing our life-story
As through our grasp brief moments pass
Beyond our feeble reason
From dawn to Dawn we journey on
Time’s ever-hastening season

 Janet Martin

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