Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Though Autumn is Folding...

There is peace in The Knowing
That in life’s keen bestowing
Whether of nature, of body or soul
There is a Keeper
Whose visage runs deeper
He sets the pieces creating The Whole

Though autumn is folding
The frames we are holding
And youth-fantasy, like its leaf falls away
Time is a teacher
An earnest beseecher
Molding and shaping our doubtless decay

There is peace in The Knowing
In life’s moment-flowing
We are not pawns in a God-game of chance
But He knows each creature
For He is life’s Teacher
He knows our hearts and its deepest intents

Though autumn is folding
To vaults in Time’s holding
And moments fall soundless; as leaf to the sod
We trust The Keeper
Whose visage is deeper
As He sets the pieces; for He is God

© Janet Martin

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