Monday, October 29, 2012

The Imminence of Autumn-past

The cold wind broods in morose moans
Its iron-girded stance
No longer frolics o’er the stones
In willow-song romance
But tugs and tears fragmented leaf
From stiff, saturnine limb
As heaven sheds its torrent-grief
From dark, nocturnal scrim

The imminence of autumn-past
Seethes in the evergreen
Its petulance an icy mast
Of purple-frosted sheen
The skyline seals its sullen dome
A scowl upon its face
And suddenly the hearth of home
Beckons with warm embrace

Somewhere the languid sigh of spring
Cajoles the budded strand
And lovers, carefree and laughing
Meander, hand in hand
Somewhere in distant, dew-drenched fields
The sanguine sunbeams drip
While here the barren landscape yields  
To Old Man Winter’s grip

© Janet Martin

 We are bracing ourselves for Hurricane Sandy! I didn't know what to do with all the leaves we raked up the other day...I guess now I'll wait and see what Sandy does with them:)

I pray for those without 'home' to go to during miserable weather. Please be warm, dry and safe.

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