Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Praise

I praise you, oh my Lord
Your mercies never cease
In tenderness out-poured
Of wisdom and of peace

Help me to serve you Lord
Not for man’s affirmation
But in true gratitude
With humble adoration

 Guide my footsteps, Lord
Across earth’s beaten sod
The beacon of your Word
My everlasting rod

Your goodness and your grace
Oh, let this be my joy
Not triteness of this world
That time and death destroy

I praise you, oh my Lord
Oh, let me honor You
With gratitude out-poured
In everything I do

© Janet Martin

It is the official Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. I will be spending the rest of it hopefully out-doors in God’s wonderful creation.


  1. Yuriy: Thank you, Janet, for your blissful poetry, for your immense love, for your God-given life and talents. God bless you!

  2. Y~, I am so touched by your kindness and encouragement. Thank-you so much.


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