Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Te Amo, Te Quiero (another Minnesang)

Another Minnesang

You discard each rampart that I secure
You breathe; I melt, acquiescent in your gaze
Your presence is more than I can endure
Yet, like a moth to flame I seek its blaze
Drawn to you, I thirst; love’s gall is bittersweet
For you remain oblivious; I wallow at your feet

“O senor, Te amo, O, Te quiero
Me Encantas,’ ach, what is the use
You hang your fedora over my heart’s window
Completely untaken by my Spanish ruse
I watch from behind you but you don’t turn around
So I must follow; an invisible shadow on the ground

Would one tiny glance be too noble a favor?
Is there any chance; or am I doomed unseen?
Must I remain at your mercy forever
To die in the hollow of what might have been?
I have one ploy left; ah, leave it to me
Senor, I will attempt to seduce you with poetry

© Janet Martin


  1. Agradecimiento:)
    and that is almost the extent of my Spanish;)It is such a lovely language!

    I'm glad you heard the music:)

  2. Yuriy: I adore this one! May I put it on my blog table, Janet, later when I find the proper 'cream' to it? : )


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