Monday, October 29, 2012

Somewhere on the Other Side

Somewhere on the other side
Of this sequined glass
You are there
As moments comb the air
And hours pass
Turning half-breaths to years
In the exchange of smiles and tears
Falling in between
What now is
And what once had been

We are masters of nothing
But thought and its repercussion
As longing and love collide
And somewhere on the other side
Of this bejeweled pane
You look out to see
Your portion of the rain
Disguised as weather
Streetlamps do not care
If we are apart or together



  1. Oh how I've missed this blog! Beautiful poem :-)

  2. Hey, long time no see! welcome back.

  3. Beautiful, Janet. "Bejeweled pane" is just one of the gems shining in this poem. Thank you so much, your words always make me appreciate life more.

  4. Yuriy: I'd like to say a thousand thanks to you no matter how many hours it'll make for me as many 'hours passed' for you to make this thousand. : )

  5. Y~ Thank-you!

    I am speechlessly touched that you should notice this...Big hugs and thank-you(()) People like you make it worth every hour!

    Thank-you again:)


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