Friday, October 19, 2012

She Does Not See My Heart Like a Tree

She does not see
My heart, like a tree
Shedding its petals; sweet, soundless its fray
Spiraling, drifting
Pausing then lifting
To plunge to their rest as childhood falls away

She does not know
How the ebb and the flow
Of time is a subtle, unassuming thief
Or how the heart fills
With a child’s tender thrills
Only to relinquish them; leaf by precious leaf

She does not feel
The haste of the reel
Ticking away moments and hours, then years
All she can see
As she waves merrily
Is a mother, bravely smiling through her tears

© Janet Martin

This morning I decided the pink mittens that Victoria has worn for years will go in my ‘keep-chest’. She likes pink mittens and little pink mittens have waved to me faithfully every fall-to-spring school morning since her junior-kindergarten year(she is in gr.6). The image is etched eternally in my heart, as are the love-tugs.Since she has two older sisters I now realize, more than I did as they were growing up, how quickly this will be history.


  1. i think your best work comes from the heartfelt poems you write about your family and being a mother. they're always beautiful. x

  2. Dana, your words touch my mother-heart:) Thank-you so very much!


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