Wednesday, October 10, 2012


God, help me to remember
Every moment, every breath
Is part of a bigger picture
We cannot behold on earth

Remind me, when I lose focus
That success is so much more
Than the ‘what’ that we are doing
It’s the ‘Who’ we are doing it for

© Janet Martin

Three things I can always count on...lots of laundry,
lots of dirty dishes and
lots of big beautiful sky in whatever hue the Creator decides!


  1. Yuriy: A sense I see in the words but refocusing doesn't help while/until the primary need is not satisfied. If one calibrates his/her mind on the things probably necessary though secondary eventually, he/she falls into self-deception which is temporary phenomenon, I think. Human nature. Sooner or later one comes back to what the nature calls the person for. That's such a pleasant comfort, if not to define it better, to find the "who" who sees your private sense (very often even delicate). Isn't it? : )

  2. You are extremely perceptive:) It is so easy to turn to human nature/nature for answers.

    Aren't you glad there is One who understands our human nature but loves us completely in spite or because of it! That surely is perfect comfort and inspires/provokes/reminds us not to fall into the trap of thinking that longing is satisfied earthly. Longing can be satisfied briefly here but if we were completely fulfilled here then why would anyone desire more...Heaven?

    Yuriy, as always thank-you:) You always give me something to contemplate.

  3. Yuriy: I needed some time to think it over... What is longing then? What if it is not longing but the primary need (as I call it, for it has vaster meaning) within us that makes us move in a certain (required) direction? What if the longing/primary need was put into us to fulfill a mission (even several) in our life-span? We touch upon the secretive aspects of life, chain of events, encounters and choices we make that lead us to the point of accomplishing the Will. ...

  4. What is longing then? EXACTLY what you suggested...'What if the longing/primary need was put into us to fulfill a mission (even several) in our life-span?' BINGO!:)) We are no accident, right? What is longing then?...I have something to mull while I go out on my run...see you later:)

  5. You have your priorities so straight, kiddo! Thank God for the sky that lifts our eyes from the mundane to the sublime!

  6. Yuriy: You stop longing - you start destroying yourself and the sense of your being meant for others too.
    You try to refocus to go back to the past and retain what you have now as the result of the previous successes/failures or focus on the new to go further if the past and now is over and do not bring what your primary need needs : ). You care about what you've obtained from past but does it care about you?
    The things become or soon will become autonomous - doing without you, a kind of betrayal. You remain to be responsible. You have the right to be proud of yourself. But you have doubts. standing in-between the wrong and the right: the customary, routine, trite probably pleasant, normal, correct, familiar, homely -
    and something new which is the same in fact but with new colors and shades. You take a pause as you think it's a devilish (sorry)temptation. But what if it is not but the greatest requirement?
    The longing and primary need push you with such a force that you can't but move in the direction of refreshment.
    So, Refocusing or Refreshment linger in your mind... I am pondering as well.

  7. Wow, you are asking/debating some of the very things I've been mulling over. In longing there is a drive, lust for life, but it can be sort of draining as well. Maybe it is the greatest requirement if kept in healthy balance, but longing seems to have a will all its own. Then I think, maybe longing comes from not being truly thankful or able to see what we already have and genuinely appreciating it... the alarm-clock rings, our toes wiggle, our body turns to turn it off, immediately we have choices, snooze or coffee, etc...okay I'll stop there, but I have a paraplegic neighbor who would LOVE to be able to do that...just get up and business as usual.I don't generally even think about it.

    I'm thinking of the verse you have with the other longing a lack of trust, or since it is as old as Adam, (they longed for the forbidden fruit and ate it, will it be an eternal curse?), or is it a blessing? :)

    To long is to have a drive, like you said. It makes us reach to others (like we are) We would be quite arrogant and self-sufficient with no longing, h-m-m-m...

    "The things become or soon will become autonomous - doing without you, a kind of betrayal. You remain to be responsible. " Yes, they would be nothing if we simply did it for ourselves, we are responsible, but under God's grace, right? So, how do we know what is devilish temptation or just longing? Maybe that is where we need to 'test the spirit' to discern:)

    This is interesting, Thank-you for making me 'think':)

  8. Sherry, always the sublime is a faithful beauty over mundane duty.



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