Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poet's Lament

Oft you evoke in my in-most being
Hollowed indictments I cannot ignore
Passionate pleading; rushing receding
Oceans of wonder and pondering roar
Desire dances in sanguine circles
Duty remands with a stiff, solemn grip
Wanderlust whispers; temptation trickles
I need a pen between my fingertips
Smooth satisfaction probes inspiration
Pulses quicken with anticipation

Muse, oh languid and luring impression
Teasing and taunting the fringe of my thought
Do you seek kinship or mournful confession?
I feel you but to touch you, I can not
Are you the shadow that ruffles the willow?
Are you the Shepherd of star-spangled deep?
Or do you burrow beneath my pillow
Murmuring to me as I fall asleep
You are a rebel tormenter of men
Provoking the poet without a pen

Oft you evoke intangible beauty
Caught in the lilt and the bend of the breeze
Oft, in the middle of modest duty
You kiss the moment with sweet memories
I cannot hate you, therefore I must love you
Feed on the hunger of what you withhold
Darling, I am so empty without you
Tease me; torment me until I am old
Poet, poor poet; are you blessed or cursed?
Caught in the vortex of life’s best or worst?

© Janet Martin

Written for Poetry Jam; love-hate relationship


  1. Very good, I guess as a poet good or bad once you pick up that pen for the first time the curse begins. Really enjoyed this

  2. A lovely evocation of your Muse, 'ruffling the willow'.

  3. Beautiful writing, Janet. This expresses so well the mixed feelings about the muse...who could torment, evoke beauty, bless, or curse. I think the muse is one we love to hate, hate to love.

  4. smiles....nice....really cool flow in this, and it is rather haunting how the muse can be such a tough mistress....lol...its true

  5. A writer has to write...it is in the blood. I'm sure if they ever invent a test it will have a name for it...lol
    I felt this. Beautiful.

  6. Lots of lovely imagery in this. Reads well. And of course we all know that devil-angel we call the Muse!

  7. There is so much emotion erupting from every line ... I can visualize you writing it!

  8. oh, this is stunning! my muse loves to strike when i'm in the shower without pen and paper...

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  9. I love your rhyme scheme (sort of sonnet-like?) and the imagery you've used in this. It's a pleasure to read! Thank you.

  10. The torment of the muse! Nicely done, as usual.

  11. This reads like a Shakesperean sonnet, so well written, lovely flow :)

  12. Gorgeous writing! I can sympathize with this poem greatly...my own muse tends to be a bit of a diva who's always going off on adventures without me, but I'd be lost without her. Nicely done!


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