Friday, October 19, 2012

Out on the Sky-line

Out on the skyline the crimson is dying
Deep in the heart its raw surge is renewed
Fall is the cradle of June’s supple sighing
Timber-lined crypt of youth-passion subdued

Early the rain draws its cloak on the twilight
Here in the hour of past setting sun
We draw the echo of hello and good-night
Into trembling pulses where two become one

Bully wind vexes the thin, tattered tresses
Of scarlet and auburn, of russet and gold
Wandering philanderer tugging the dresses
From nature’s fair maidens, stark, shivering and cold

Faith is the substance of things that we hope for
We hope for spring even now as the will
Of autumn entwines with the portend of winter
The vine clings to stone like hope clings to fall's chill

Deep are the seas of midnight’s moody brooding
Dark is the hill where new-moon pitched its tent
Darling, the music of a wood-land’s undoing
Moans in the hollow of longing’s torment

Here in the quiet of rain-song reminiscing
Here in the whisper of what is no more
We do not dwell on the wants we are missing
But hope for the morrow that waits on the shore

Out on the skyline the crimson is dying
Earth is a vessel into which seasons seep
Darling, it is only the wind that is crying
Searching like us, for something we can keep

© Janet Martin

I finished cleaning out the garden etc. 
The past two days were beautiful with rain holding off until late day or evening! 
I felt like I was working in a painting, the colors are so vivid! The sky-scape shifting constantly, I found myself apologizing...'sorry God, I have to walk through this beautiful picture for a minute:)'.  

Song for the Mira...or wherever in the world you are:)

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