Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Of Sisters

 I went 'home' to recapture a few echoes this morning.

In many ways we are so very different
Yet, in so many ways we are the same
Time draws our feet in personal directions
But cannot steal the past from whence we came
And from the fabric of a common childhood
Kindred memories and laughter flow
To thread the ties binding our hearts together
Spun in those precious days of long ago

Sisters share a friendship like no other
Of home-spun values shaping our thought
Preserving in ourselves a bit of Mother
For beneath her hand we each were taught
And now in our own personal journeys
Of adulthood, of motherhood, of work
We cherish the friendship of dearest sisters
Who ask no explanation for our quirks

The hand of Time may scatter our pathways
But sealed in childhood’s sweet and simple age
Remain the echoes of a common chapter
Before life’s eager ever-turning page
And there abides a kindred understanding
In spite of change; in spite of where we roam
The dear and precious friendship of a sister
Will always feel a bit like coming home

© Janet Martin

 The sisters are getting together today:)

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