Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Of Purpose, Passion and Poetry

Sometimes I fear
It may seem trite
To string words together
To soothe and delight
As many suffer
Begging for relief
From pain, fear, sorrow
And gut-wrenching grief
As wars rage
And innocent die
As the homeless wander
And the lonely cry

But then again
Surely there ever must be
Room for hope
For love and beauty
As nature reminds us
This earth is mere sod
Forever at the mercy
And order of God
And surely then
There must ever be
Room in this world
For poetry

© Janet Martin

Sometimes I really struggle with being certain of my calling. I would hate to devote my thought, time and energy to something God did not intend and it is easy doubt; yet we trust that if we plant for Him then God will give the increase.

We all are created with purpose and talents
God, teach us how to employ
Our gifts and passions to Your honor and glory
So we may hear these words with joy…
‘Well done, my good and faithful servant’.

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