Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Of Blessing Overlooked

Dictation of duty, though modest its mien
Of dishes and laundry and rooms to keep clean
Of clutter to tidy and meals to prepare
Remind us of love’s blessing abundant and fair

How sterile and still a mother’s life would be
Should duty and daily demand suddenly
Vanish with the menial tasks we mistook
As tedious toil; they are life’s blessings we too oft over-look

© Janet Martin

...but having said that, this morning reminds me how badly I need to 'train up my child or teenager' to clean up after themselves!
'M' stands for mother, not maid! 


  1. Oh those blessings in disguise... I know what you mean, but it's a constant struggle, and oftentimes the house takes charge. I'm having one of those times right now :-(

  2. I'm reading this with a broom in my hand...see, I think I'm part of the problem. Eventually, no matter how determined I am to make them learn, I can only take the build up or what they call 'good enough' for so long and then I attack it:) The crazy thing is, someday we're gonna miss this:) Yesterday I should have got more done but it was sunny and I spent the afternoon biking through the beautiful day. Today it's raining; good for housework and lunch with a friend!

    Thank-you for understanding.

  3. I really liked this - there is beauty in everyday details- which God puts there - our job is to find the beauty.


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