Thursday, October 18, 2012

Of Autumn Slowly Dying...

The hollow gaze of midnight’s moon
The lapping waves of jaded June
The faded frays of summer’s swoon
Kindles a sudden yearning
For crowded boardwalks at the beach
For dripping sweetness of a peach
For soft breath-whispers I can reach
Before this ‘no returning’

The salty kiss of ocean breeze
The wantonness of willow trees
The moody bliss of memories
Descends from unplumbed arches
The howl of coyote on the wind
The breakers crashing in my mind
The footfall of days left behind
Rigid, the hour marches

Teal canvas flush with sky and sea
The artist’s brush a mystery
Of autumn-rush; wild ecstasy
In leaf-gold petals flying
Sleek, subtle fingers strip the limb
Of nature’s scarlet diadem
Above the dark-etched purple scrim
Of autumn slowly dying

© Janet Martin

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