Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October's Song

She pleads in mirth and mutiny
A plaintive sigh, a bully-breeze
A skirmish on the grassy lea
An ocean rushing through the trees

She ripples in tranquility
Then grumbles, mumbles, hungry; cold
Tugging the laughter from the tree
In tears of scarlet, red and gold

She wanders fall’s bare-fallow girth
In search of summer’s melody
A desperate combing of the earth
A sweet, moody melancholy

She lounges in the bleeding dell
Then suddenly she lilts and leaps
No rhyme or sequence to her swell
She rises, falls; her maestro sleeps

Her sassy canto soon shall dim
The tremor of her farewell note
Will echo on the naked limb
And in the ache lodged in our throat

 Janet Martin

I’m going out to let her song tease and torment me for a little while…

1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful writing. I especially love the last stanza. I know that ache, when it comes to the beauty of nature.......


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