Monday, October 15, 2012

October Lullaby

The weightless leaf grows heavy ‘neath the tears of autumn’s sky
Filling leaf-swollen levies; fall exhales a lullaby
Of heaven-tinted awning dropping soundless to a berth
Where the echo of the ages slumbers, layered in the earth

A metaphor of moments trickles from the weeping limb
Relinquishing the beauty of the bud and blossomed scrim
The hour adjusts its images to nature’s perfect rule
And mortal searches, scrimmages for shadows on its pool

There is no bugle blowing; no salute to Time’s demise
As sod and stream are flowing with the tears of fall good-byes
But quiet preparation glimmers in the silver air
In raw juxtaposition of keen triumph and despair

The weightless leaf grows heavy; soon the laughing tree is mute
As winds scatter its bevy of bygones without dispute
And we behold the Truth within its stark and unclad form
The summer of fair youth is but the prelude to life’s storm

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, what an amazing poem this is. Truly beautiful.

  2. Sara, thank-you. I appreciate your words of encouragement and appreciation.


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