Thursday, October 11, 2012


 This morning the sun-rise looked like a pink heart-cloud:)

Awesome God

Morning in triumph rends night’s raven bar
Mercy and grace have not withdrawn their hope
Ascending over earth’s need-stricken slope
Opaline glory flings its gates ajar
To shed upon this toil and trouble strand
Not judgment, void of love’s long-suff’ring plea
But from the backdrop of life’s mystery
Holy compassion lavishes the land
From porticoes not marred by flesh and blood
He bathes the dark with heaven’s hallowed flood

Marauders of covetousness and lust
We gaze from sepulchers of want and greed
To He who for mortal’s Primary Need
And Immortality with arms wide spread
Upon rough timber, cried out ‘it is done’
He satisfied The Need for everyone
Redemption once for all, His blood was shed
And all He asks of us is to believe
In Him; and everlasting Life receive

He does not leave us pining in the Dark
But lights the Way for everyone to see
For Truth and Life lead to eternity
And Hope is more than a translucent spark
His faithfulness and mercy lights the dawn
Forgiveness flows; sacred, sufficient stream
Not sealed within death’s mute, mystic requiem
But pouring from the power of the Son
His mercy, grace and love will never fail

© Janet Martin


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  1. Indeed! Amen!

    I saw the heart as soon as I saw the pic in my blogger dashboard. His Love sent your way. :)


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