Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings~

A mirror reflects the image
A sea reflects the sky
But thought’s finished span
Reflects the man
Not visible to naked eye


Man looks on the outward
But God sees the heart
There is no masquerade
For this innermost part


Love; simple yet so complex
And hard to understand
How both The Giving and The Taking
Are gifts from His hand


 Vanity and pride are as easy to hide
As a giant zit on the end of a nose
As a man thinks, so is he
As his thought falls, so his footstep goes


Judgment gushes from mouths of piety
Compassion bleeds from lips of Love
Pious judgment offers no redemption
But redemption pours from Love’s Source above


I held you as a baby then you grew
I watched you as a child then you flew
I cannot restrain the Hand of Time
But pray you through; for now you climb

© Janet  Martin

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