Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings on Today

We cannot shift one jot of the past
Tomorrow, today will be iron cast

The only thing that matters,
in all we do or say
Is the keen awareness
of the value of Today

In Tomorrow nothing has ever been done
It offers no guarantee
Today is a precious and priceless stone
As we build history

Yesterday is the memory of moments shaped 

Time is doled equally
To everyone
Moment by moment
And then
It is done

Triumph and regret
Are woven with the thread
Of today

Treasure and taste it
Oh, do not waste it
Today is a beautiful chance
To plant in its keeping
A harvest worth reaping
As we gather consequence

Time does not reimburse
One sigh or one glance
But graciously offers
A second chance

Janet Martin~

May you have a beautiful Today!

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