Friday, October 5, 2012


The other day I bicycled off the beaten track through a trail in a farmer’s field. It was so tranquil; the silence like a hymn, the atmosphere a paradox of hunger and satisfaction.

The rush of you embracing me
Is autumn’s keen

The beautiful and bittersweet
Fall like gold leaves
At my feet

Behind me tender echoes flow
Before me hope
And hunger glow

The whisper of your lips is kind
Soft fingertips
Against my mind

The rolling landscape of the past
Shapes memories;
I hold them fast

Love paints its precious, priceless art
To fill the walls
Within the heart

The rush of you embracing me
Blends agony
And ecstasy…

…where life demands tender release
Ah, this is love’s true

© Janet Martin

My daughter told me last night when she looks out at all the autumn beauty, she is so totally happy and so completely sad…yes, me too.

Caledonia   the landscape 'felt' like the music in this song...


  1. Dear Janet

    Your daughter's comment and your poem perfectly capture the nuances of fall.

    A rewarding read - thanks.


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