Thursday, October 18, 2012

If I Met Me...

If I had to look at me instead of you
Would I want to be my friend?
Would I care to get to know me better?
Or would I be content
To smile and nod politely
Careful not to meet my eye
Lest I desired something more
Than how are you and then, good-bye

© Janet Martin


  1. Yuriy: How are you, Janet? If I met you I suspect you'd be tired of me and 'the something more'. Should I add something more? (I can put more into my mischievous smile now, do you meet my eye?) : )

  2. in eyes and a handshake much is told. ;)

  3. Yuriy:Through eyes is better. : ) And I know what kind of warmth to put in palm to make the shake : ) Eye Contact + Hand Touch = Thermal Shake and Shock. I am a bit math or mess to-day though I am not good at those calculations. : )

  4. ...and yes 'through' eyes IS better:)


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