Saturday, October 27, 2012

I See...

I see a day longing to be tasted
And an hour begging to be perfectly wasted
In the arms of a poem
I see silver sequins of autumn rain
Dazzling the view through the window-pane
Of home sweet home

I see little girl, eyes dancing with dream-sparked glee
…her chatter epitomizing ‘carefree’
And I need no purpose beyond its measure
I see the tears of autumn sky tug the leaf
In scads to the drenched earth’s sheaf
Blanketing the vault of summer’s pleasure

I see suggestions of duty which I temporarily ignore
As I experience coffee, Colombian nectar
Pleasing my utmost superficial want
I see distance as rain releases its onslaught
On miles traversed instantly by thought
As inches and oceans vaunt

I see contentment in mixing bowls, pot-and-pan verve
I see peaceful belonging in the familiar curves
Of worn furniture and floors
I see hope unwavering, of what is yet to come
As a new day spills in rain-drop percussion
From far and phantom shores

© Janet Martin

Inspired by Viv's I See poem. Also check out the picture of Jock's art on her post!

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  1. Oh, I love the vision of what you see! Such wonderful offerings and I love the photos you shared~
    Gorgeous view!!! @>------
    Your daughter is so pretty :D


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