Thursday, October 11, 2012

His Word IS...

Sometimes as I gaze upon you
Dear child, young woman, man
I wonder who will lead you
When from this nest you’ve flown
Then a sure sweet assurance
Surges from within
And ever on, amen

His Word IS, not fleeting
Like flesh-tongue salutations
His Word IS, not bound by Time
His Word IS, pure, faultless
And changeless through the years
A comfort in our fears

His Word IS; creation
Its tangible first-fruit
But it will reign forever
Though it was flesh and blood
It IS; death could not conquer
Or dis-annul its power
For His Word IS; not something
Transient as earth’s wee hour

His Word IS; true, faithful
In every age to come
His Word IS a beacon
To guide the pilgrim home
His Word IS; eternal
Dear child, young woman, man
His Word IS; infallible
Forever without end

© Janet Martin

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